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27 12 2008

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After my post on blog passing Google verification for Webmaster Tools, I heard a few voices “Is something like that possible for using Google Analytics?”. itself is using Google Analytics for getting a unified data for all blogs on So an individual Blog would get a chance is unlikely! I have always received statistics as which pages were seen how many times from the Dashboard itself so hunting for a way to use Google Analytics seems futile, given that you can even get a rough estimate of Geographical breakup from

Even after above considerations, I decided to look for a way and got started from the Home page of Google Analytics

If it’s the first time your are getting in you would require to login using you Google Account.

Now you would be required to sign up for a new Analytics account.

Give your website URL and your Country/territory, and rest would auto-fill. Continue.

Give your contact Information and in the next step accept the User Agreement.

Now its time for you to add tracking code into your blog. You are given a code block something similar to one below.


–> You have to switch the tab from New Tracking Code (ga.js)  to Legacy Tracking Code (urchin.js) to get something like that:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
_uacct = "UA-2035421-1";

Now lays the biggest challenge of embedding a JavaScript code to blog which is not supported there.

Just add a new text widget or use an existing one and add one of the line from the above code which is :

_uacct = "UA-2035421-1";

Save the widget and continue validating your site by pressing the button “Check Status”. While performing validation Google looks for this line of code, but doesn’t check if it exists within Script tags. The blog gets validated and the status changes to “receiving data” and with this you will start getting access to all the reports as available with “Google Analytics”. The Data gets updated every 24 hours or so, but hope you didn’t forget where would data come from… the JavaScript code that Google wanted us to add to the blog and which we didn’t!!!!!!

Why not wait for a day to find rest of it in another post? While I am at research a word of warning! No high expectations please!! After all this is going to be a workaround which may not be as efficient as the original way (which you are prohibited from following).

Update 12.06.2007 : A Technical glitch spoilt the previous day’s effort in getting the compiled data. Please wait for next 24 hours to get an update on this.

Written by jalaj

June 11, 2007 at 12:49 pm



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