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7 02 2009


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Hood vom installer: bietet mögl den wifi empfänger ein und auszuschalten: kurz über statusbalken fahren. kleines menu mi einstellungen wird eingeblendet.

vorraussetzung ist ein ge-jailbreaktes iphone und installierter installer

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Pman Design Hood

Hood 1.0 Released
Posted by Noskire
Rip Dev have coded a pretty neat, free, iPhone tool in 8 hours. What does this neat tool do? Well, this tool allows you to toggle Airport/Bluetooth from on to off or vice versa, kill active applications, and monitor the memory usage in real time all at the swipe of a finger across the status bar!

Presenting a new free tool for your iPhone – coded entirely today in past 8 hours. 🙂 The thing is called Hood, and it will add a quickly accessible panel to your iPhone that allows you to toggle AirPort, Bluetooth, kill active application and monitor the memory usage in real time.
To activate, just swipe the finger across the status bar (that’s where the carrier name, time, and various status icons are displayed)
Hood is available now in, category Utilities.
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————————–Pman-Design is blogging here————————–